What We Do


What we do:

  • We empower kids to become the authors of their own futures. We do this by engaging our kids in the cycle of contribution. In doing so, they learn how to make a difference for themselves by making a difference for others.
  • This kind of opportunity and change is exponential and the affect on the world is amplified. There is great power in the perpetual cycle of giving. When kids become leaders and causal agents, we will have succeeded in creating a generation capable of leading us into the future – the next generation of changemakers!

How we do it:

  • Transforming Kids does this by identifying, developing and supporting programs whose missions accomplish these goals. Transforming Kids is “hands on” with the programs it supports. Our approach is to “incubate” programs by providing development support and then “outcubates” them by providing ongoing support as they go into the world and implement their missions.
  • Our specific focus is centered around academics and excellence in education, athletics, arts, leadership and community service.