Changemakers in Action

We are interested in engaging kids at every age and every background in the tremendous value in being service to others. We have partnered with several local non profits and have put together a calendar of community service opportunities for your child to get involved with.  We are committed to our Transforming Kids having a hands on, face to face opportunity to connect in action with the difference they can make. Whether it’s a small effort like beach clean up or mentoring a young child to help them read.  We have something for every age child.  We believe that there is much to be gained by giving.  A sense of worth, confidence, responsibility and generous compassionate heart to name a few.   So come on, search for what is of interest to your child and get involved.  Even just a little time can open up the world of service and contribution to your child while and making a difference in someone’s life.  We believe that  ”giving gifts the giver”.

“You have created programs that bring out the qualities we all want our children to have”

Elyse Schliefer
Parent of 2 Education Rocks sponsors and Jingle Jolly Holiday Elves for several years.